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Hi the name is Rieka, but feel free to call me Rie! I like a lot of stuff, Shuuen no Shiori has the biggest place in my heart tho tbh



A good character is one that reaches its desired effect.

If that effect is to draw in a deep hatred from the audience, so be it. There have been multiple times where I have hated a character so much that I’ve wanted to reach into the medium and strangle them with my own hands.

Mission accomplished.

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↳ Fresh new faces from Tokyo Ghoul Ep 9


  B e s t  ♥ F r i e n d s  ~


  B e s t   F r i e n d s  ~

Send me an utaite’s name and I’ll tell you…

  • How I found out about them
  • First cover I listened to
  • Favourite cover
  • What song they should cover and why
  • Who I think they should collab with
  • Why I like them
  • A funny/cute/interesting story about them

[ soraru and mafumafu are currently in nagoya for the after rain quest handshake + signing event with animate ]

soraruru: まふまふが鏡見ながら「自分があまりにも可愛くてやばい」って言ってるけど無視した

soraru: while looking at the mirror, mafumafu said “i’m too cute, it’s dangerous.” i ignored him.

soraruru: 今度は「自分が完璧すぎてヤバイ」って言ってるけどやっぱり無視した

soraru: now he said “i’m too perfect, it’s dangerous.” and of course, i ignored him.

soraruru: ※どちらも実話です

soraru: *both stories are true

soraruru: 今度は1人で笑ってる 気持ち悪い

soraru: now he’s laughing by himself it’s disgusting

soraruru: 独り言いいながら笑ってる

soraru: he’s laughing while he’s talking to himself

Well, I doubt we can be together forever. But isn’t that what growing up’s all about? What’s important isn’t how often we see each other, but how often we think about each other. Right?

Momo being a dork adorable



Being an adult is realizing that $5,000 is a lot of money to owe and very little money to own.

this is real


しー♂ えー♂ いー

Amino-sensei’s latest doodles.




Sometimes I wonder how big my dick would be if I were a guy

so, here’s something. i found a calculator online to help you figure that out

my penis would have been tiny omg