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Hi the name is Rieka, but feel free to call me Rie! I like Shuuen no Shiori a lot in case you can't tell.

❀ about me ❀


name: Rieka

age: so old it makes me cry sometimes (22)

birthday: october 12

zodiac: libra

single or taken: im taken by shuuen no shiori and my job tbh

height: 5’10”/180cm

eye color: brown

middle name: zeeva

favorite color: green

lucky number: 7 and 28


hogwarts house: ???

favorite fictional character: C-TA

favorite television show: i dont really watch tv

favorite season: Summer during the night, otherwise fall!

describe yourself in a few words: hungry, genki, simple

meaning of your name: means forever, alone or ruler (it’s hard to find a meaning for my name with the way it’s spelled so this is the best i couldl find)

ultimate otp: CA and KibaHina (i can have 2 cause i said)

what do you plan to/do for a living: i wanna cook cause i love food wow

starbucks order: as long as it’s cold i dun really care but i do like the passion tea


introvert or extrovert

dawn or dusk

righty or lefty

coffee or tea

rain or shine 

reading or writing 

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idk you’re the stalker here, not me!
roi-senpai asked: but i'm negative 30000% of the time why do you stalk me so much then

No you’re not! ^ 7^ In fact I had a feeling you would say that sense you tend to think you’re so negative all the time!

But you’re not! ^ 7^ I would know, or else how would I be able to stand being around your ass almost 24/7????? hmmmmmmmmmmm??????

/drop kicks you to the moon


ZodiacChic Post:Libra


ZodiacChic Post:Libra


Kisaragi Shintaco


Kisaragi Shintaco


ZodiacChic Post:Libra


ZodiacChic Post:Libra


kuromary? kuroaya? kuroayamary???? where are they anyways?? kuroha’s womb no doubt???

80% of my friendships on tumblr

me: we should talk more!
them: yeah we should!
both: *never talks to each other again*


somebody said their otp was kuromary, and i’m not going to lie to you guys. that’s my guilty ship. * v*)9/////;;;;;